Featured Customer

Jeff and his team have been helping me as a new pool owner for a year now. Jeff has always ensured to be fair and give me free advice when I've been lost on what to do next. He is always patient and explains everything in plain language for a new pool owner. His prices always seem to be fair and he tries to save me money as he can. His team has helped to find and repair a leak. Helped with my closing and opening. And, next week installing a new pump. I knew the costs of owning a pool would be there but Jeff and his team help me be happy with my investment. I will continue to use their services for the life of my pool.

Justin W.

Happy Customers

My only regret is that I have not shared this information with more people sooner; 5 years and counting!! If you want someone to trust, be honest, complete quality work at a fair price......Jeff and his team should be the one to call. He will be the first one to teach and save you money as opposed to charge you for service. Jeff is the kind of guy everyone wants as a neighbor or a friend!!! Thank you!!!

Kevin H.

I am very pleased with the work that Dog Days of Summer did. I found them by doing in internet search and am very happy that I did. I needed a new pool cover and someone to close my pool. They responded to my email quickly, came out on time for their appointment, and kept me informed as to when the new cover would be coming in and when it was scheduled. On the day they had scheduled to close the pool and install the new cover, the men who came were on time, professional and did a fantastic job. (They even did a great job dealing with my unruly dog.) I find their prices to be competitive, and their service to be impeccable.

Lori C.

Dog Days of Summer pool service has been a pleasure to work with these past few months. I am a novice pool owner, therefore lack the experience of pool ownership. Jeff always takes the time to provide detailed answers to my questions. On a few occasions when uncertainty existed on my part ,Jeff sent out a team of professionals to check out any potential problems. Sometimes issues were present and required remediation, other times not. Regardless, my concerns were addressed. I would highly recommend Dog Days of Summer pool service to anyone seeking the highest quality service. Thank you!

Pam H.

I've been using Dog Days since they've opened and they never disappoint. They are reliable and trustworthy. I've used them for closings, installations, trouble shooting and vacation services. They take the time to know my pool and my preferences. They're careful with my dogs and even play frisbee with them! During the summer of 2016 I had a tough time with algae and chlorine demand and Jeff spent a lot of time working with me to diagnose, treat and ultimately fix the problems - all over the phone! I highly recommend Dog Days.

Howard H.

Fast, professional, and very helpful. The employees always take the time to answer all of my questions. They arrive on the correct day and time. Communication is excellent and email responses are very timely. We would highly recommend Dog Days to other pool owners.

Alisa S.

My pool has been well tended for the last 6 years by DDS. I have nothing but good things to say about Dog Days of Summer. Jeff, the owner, is always responsive, even when I have a pool-related crisis on weekends. The staff is always courteous and the prices are reasonable. Highly recommend them for all your pool needs

Tamara L.

Have used this service for years now. They are helpful, reliable, and on time. Jeff has always been great to work with and for services they don't offer directly, like pool remodeling, they give great references. I've tried a few different companies and had issues with the level of service. Finding Dog Days of Summer has really worked out well and I highly recommend them.

John R.

Best Pool Service Ever! Jeff and his team of people are excellent at what they do! We have been using Dog Days since we installed our pool 12 years ago. They are friendly, knowledgeable, efficient and best of all....LOVE our dogs! You will not find a better team!

Jessica M.


Today was our first experience with this company and we are so happy with them. They went above and beyond by taking my call after business hours.

Kristina P.

Great fast closing of our pool! Price was good and we will be using them in the spring!

Micahel W.

We bought a house last year with an in ground pool and were clueless as to how to open or run it. Jeff and his team were very helpful getting us opened and I learned a lot from taking the training course he offered. And as a new customer Jeff gave me discounted coupon pricing from a mailer they had sent even though it was beyond the coupon date. At one point in the summer our pump started making a noise and they could have easily talked me into purchasing an expensive new pump (which they did give me the option to do and even explained a MD tax credit that is available) but on their advice I let it ride and one day the noise just stopped. They suspected there was a small piece of debris in the pump impeller that they couldn't find without disassembling the pump and like they said would probably happen one day the debris just cleared itself and the pump is now silent again. IMO this company doesn't try to sell you a bunch of equipment, services, or chemicals you don't need and instead they are interested in building a long-term relationship by providing good advice and service. I could buy my chemicals online and maybe save a few bucks but I actually choose to buy them from Dog Days because I appreciate their ethics and would rather support a small local business that does things the right way.

Jim F.