Basic Pool Opening - No Cover Removal


Early Bird Special
OPEN BEFORE 4/15/2023 - $325

Re-install any ladders & handrails at poolside. Reassemble & start filter system.
Test heater (heater will be left off).
Re-assemble & test automatic pool cleaner. Skim debris from pool surface.
Brush water line and brush down pool. Blow deck area free of debris.
Test pool water and advise customer of condition. Provide initial 4lb. shock.
Written general report & evaluation of pool & equipment.

*Customer Must Be Home at Time of Service Unless Prior Arrangements Have Been Made.
*Water Level Must Be Raised to Normal Operating Level, Prior To Arrival, to Start System.
*Return Visits & Repairs Are Not Included and May Incur an Additional Charge.

Mesh Cover Removal (Performed at Pool Opening)


Light debris is removed and cover is fan folded.
Deck anchors are lowered.

Solid Cover Removal (Performed at Pool Opening)


All Standing Water Must Be Removed To Avoid Additional Charges
Light debris is removed and cover is fan folded.
Water tubes drained and folded.

Optional Services and Surcharges At Time Of Opening:

Pool/Spa Combo Surcharge


Raised Wall Cover Surcharge


Water Feature System Surcharge (per pump)(filter)


Pool Vacuuming

$90.00 per 1/2 hour

Excessive Water or Debris Removal from Cover.

$90.00 per 1/2 hour

Solid Cover Cleaning With Detergent Surcharge


"We Have A Leg Up on The Competition!"